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Nunk Music

In subTOURING destination Cologne, Nunk Music is a place to visit

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COLOGNE Stores Good Mood Records
Good Mood Records

Rock 'n' Roll, Blues - and older stuff

COLOGNE Stores Parallel Schallplatten
Parallel Schallplatten

Vinyl, vinyl, vinyl - in the heart of the city

COLOGNE Stores Early Bird Records
Early Bird Records

Great record selection in the city

COLOGNE Stores a-Musik

Huge range of records from all possible genres

COLOGNE Stores andrä

500 sqm of records in the inner city of Cologne

COLOGNE Stores Underdog

Nice shop with selected records

COLOGNE Stores Black Diamond Records
Black Diamond Records

Cologne based store with lovely owner

COLOGNE Stores Schallhandel

Vinyl specialist for Rock and more

COLOGNE Stores Drake Records
Drake Records

Vinyl only in this intimate place

COLOGNE Stores Kontrapunkt Vinyl
Kontrapunkt Vinyl

Mostly second hand vinyl

COLOGNE Stores Sally Records
Sally Records

Puchase and sale of records from all genres

Groove Attack
Groove Attack

New and re-issue records since 1992