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Hard Rock Café

In subTOURING destination Cologne, Hard Rock Café is a place to visit

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COLOGNE Restaurants 25 hours Hotel
25 hours Hotel

Accomodation with record store

Time for Indie music and a drink
Stereo Wonderland

Indie bar in Cologne for music lovers

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Valhalla Metal Pub

Pub not only for Metalheads

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Frieda Bar

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Redrum Rock Bar

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Time for a drink
Sternhagel Bar

Cologne place for harder tunes

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Parallel Schallplatten

Vinyl, vinyl, vinyl - in the heart of the city

COLOGNE Restaurants andrä

500 sqm of records in the inner city of Cologne

COLOGNE Restaurants Nunk Music
Nunk Music

Older meets new stuff at this Cologne spot