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On the road

On the road


Why not spend your spring holidays on one of the most iconic and legendary festivals in the world? Enjoy some entertaining open air days at Britain's Glastonbury Festival. For an unforgettable road trip, combine it with one of Germany's cultural highlights: Cologne. Boasting with live music venues and bars.

On the way, explore beautiful historical places. Stroll along cobbled pavements and timbered houses and discover the breathtaking architecture of medieval cathedrals. Don’t miss the recommended spots along: authentic pubs, cozy live venues, and funky record stores. Always worth a detour. Enjoy some relaxed sightseeing days. Always accompanied by the tunes of the real big players in Rock, Pop, and Indie.

This trip will lead you from Cologne to Rouen & Mont-Saint-Michel in France. Afterwards, cross the Channel and discover Jersey's sunny beaches before heading to idyllic Shaftesbury and Wells in Southern Britain. Learn about the myths around Glastonbury town.

Our recommended subTOUR includes 4 or 5 nights along the route in between Cologne and Glastonbury. But it's up to you to extend or shorten the trip as you like. Also get our ultimate tips for some extra days before the festival: Cologne is always a good choice for an overnight on top.

This trip is easiest done by car, whether your own or a rental one. Always a great choice for camper vans rentals in Germany is Roadsurfer. So sleeping in a proper bed, a camper van, or your tent? Get in touch with us if you prefer hand-picked camping sites instead of the recommended hotels for your overnight stays along the way. Prefer something special and personal? Landvergnuegen lists all camping pitches in Germany available at rural farms, wineries and similar.

Want to combine Munich instead of Cologne? Also check out our Munich to Glastonbury tour.

If you fly in to Glasto and rather do a road trip around the festival up to Wales, have a look at our Around Glastonbury tour.