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Beatles' early days

Beatles' early days


This tour will take you to the most important spots in the Beatles' early career. Visit their birthplaces and childhood homes. Discover the places where they first met to form one of the greatest bands of all times. Take a stroll along famous Penny Lane where most of the places from the song are still to be seen today. Take a picture at the red gates of Strawberry Field and learn everything about the youth days of the Fab Four.

As this subTOUR cannot be done by walking - why not take the public bus or grab a bike. If you need a rental one, there are numerous stations around the city from citybike.

The best and easiest way to get to all those important spots in Rock history is to join an official tour by Fab Four Taxi Tours. Just comfortably hop on and off your private taxi and let your own guide tell you about the hidden stories behind these Liverpool places. It's really worth it.

For inspiration, you definitely need to have a look at this video. It is featuring some of the mentioned places showing spontaneous visits from nobody else than Sir Paul McCartney himself.