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Chelsea: Crucial to Punk & The Rolling Stones

Chelsea: Crucial to Punk & The Rolling Stones


The best from the best: featuring many must-sees in one subTOUR. Start at London Eye with its spectacular views upon the British capital before cycling across River Thames.

Scratch Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street as well as Big Ben & Houses of Parliament from your bucket list. Cross lush green parks to reach iconic Hard Rock Hotel & Café.

Immerse into the districts of Belgravia and Chelsea. Discover Rock 'n' Roll history beyond the walls of rather unimpressive buildings. Learn about The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Both inextricably linked to London.

Want to explore a true Punk place? Legendary World's End is next on your list. Telling music tales from the 60s until today. For a deeper look into the history of the Punk movement in London, watch London's burning, a German documentary with Die Toten Hosen lead singer Campino.

Always a great choice for a guided tour to learn about the local music history is joining the guys from London Rock Tours or Swinging 60s. They will take you to the most important spots beyond the obvious ones and tell you legendary stories from the past.