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Soho #3: from the Fab Four to Ziggy Stardust

Soho #3: from the Fab Four to Ziggy Stardust


Soho, the heart of the British capital. Boasting with Rock 'n' Roll history that awaits you beyond every wall. From The Beatles to The Rolling Stones, from Punk to Heavy Metal: former legendary night clubs meet today's vibrant bar scene and independent records stores. Where famous album covers from Oasis to David Bowie have been shot. Where myths and big artists were born on live music stages, rooftops or recording studios. Still today, numerous plaques throughout the district tell of London's rich music history.

Join us on our Soho subTOURs. Either as single walks or combined in a triple subTOUR. Explore the inner heart of London and its abundance of Rock music tales.

This part 3 reveals famous album cover places from The Beatles and David Bowie along with a recording studio that has been the birthplace to legendary songs and albums. On your way, explore numerous live music venues, either former ones or still open. Where Rock history has been written. Sit down in one of the bars around. And finally, discover the location of a legendary rooftop performance.

Always a great choice for a guided tour to learn about the local music history is joining the guys from London Rock Tours, Swinging 60s, or Flipside London Tours. They will take you to the most important spots beyond the obvious ones and tell you legendary stories from the past. Partly also specializing in Soho and the Punk Rock movement. For a deeper look into the history of the Punk movement in London and Soho, also watch London's burning, a German documentary with Die Toten Hosen lead singer Campino.

We recommend doing this single subTOUR or the Soho triple in the afternoon as some of the recommended spots such as bars are opening after noon.