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25 hours Hotel

In subTOURING destination Rock am Ring to Download, 25 hours Hotel is a place to visit

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Au Grenier
B&B Au Grenier

Lovely hotel at convenient location in Ghent

RAR_DOWNLOAD Accomodation B&B Loverlij
B&B Loverlij

A romantic Bruges' spot with unique garden

The Priest House
The Priest House

Romantic and intimate hotel on the banks of Trent river

Time for breakfast
Remont Oxford

Independent, family-run, hotel in picturesque Oxford

ABode Hotel
ABode Hotel

Stylish hotel in Canterbury

St Mary's Church
St Mary's Church

Yes, indeed - a church to stay for the night

RAR_DOWNLOAD Accomodation Wingbury Farm Glamping
Wingbury Farm Glamping

Beautiful sport for glamping

English Countryside
The Goods Shed Showman's Wagon

Fully restored 1930’s showman’s wagon

Oxford Camping

Site at the southern gates of university town

Camping Canterbury
Canterbury Camping

Within walking distance to the heart of town

Chateau du Gandspette
Chateau du Gandspette

Camping in green surroundings near Calais

Camping Groeneveld
Camping Groeneveld

Perfect base for exploring Ghent & Bruges

Malmaison Oxford
Malmaison Oxford

Unique hotel in a converted prison

RAR_DOWNLOAD Accomodation Hotel am Tiergarten
Hotel am Tiergarten

In walking distance to Rock am Ring

RAR_DOWNLOAD Accomodation Maritim Hotel
Maritim Hotel

Ideal base for exploring Cologne city